Celsius Claims Agent (2024)

1. Celsius Network LLC, et al.

  • Court Docket

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2. Celsius Network LLC Committee - Restructuring Administration Cases

  • If you need a copy of the Proof of Claim form, you may contact the Debtors' Noticing and Claims Agent, Stretto, Inc., at the following email address: ...

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3. Celsius Network LLC Bankruptcy Case Information - Xclaim

  • Find out how Xclaim's platform can help you recover more from selling your Celsius Network bankruptcy claim here.

  • Find out how Xclaim’s platform can help you recover more from selling your Celsius Network bankruptcy claim here.

4. Stretto Phishing Attack Affected Crypto Lender Celsius, Three Other Firms

5. [PDF] Chapter 11 ) CELSIUS NETWORK LLC, et al.,1 ) Case No. 22 - Stretto

  • (the “Notice and Claims Agent”), by calling 855-423-1530 for callers in the United States or by calling 949-669-5873 for callers outside the United States and/ ...

6. Phishing attack impacts Celsius bankruptcy claimants | SC Media

  • Sep 20, 2023 · BleepingComputer reports that individuals who have filed claims against bankrupt cryptocurrency lender Celsius ... claims agent, Stretto.

  • BleepingComputer reports that individuals who have filed claims against bankrupt cryptocurrency lender Celsius have been subjected to phishing attacks involving the impersonation of the lender's claims agent, Stretto.

7. Celsius Judge Blasts Stretto's 'Inexcusable' Data Breach Delay

  • May 7, 2024 · A New York bankruptcy judge slammed claims agent Stretto on Tuesday in response to the company's failure to notify Celsius Network customers ...

  • A New York bankruptcy judge slammed claims agent Stretto on Tuesday in response to the company's failure to notify Celsius Network customers affected by a data breach last month, an incident that compelled the crypto lender to pause distributions to creditors.

8. In Re: 22-10964-mg Celsius Network LLC | Southern District of New York

  • Dec 13, 2023 · Claims Agents · Loss Mitigation · Mediators · Professional Fees · Pro Bono Counsel · Pro Hac Vice · Obtaining Transcripts · eCourt Appearances.

  • Corrected Memorandum Opinion Signed on 11/9/2023 Approving the CEL Token Settlement and Resolving Issue of Collateral Ownership in the Modified Joint Chapter 11 Plan of Celsius Network and its Debtor Affiliates. (related document(s)3974)

9. Stretto Says Data Leak Spread Beyond Celsius Case - Law360

  • May 14, 2024 · In response, counsel for the claims agent said the breach had affected creditors in three additional bankruptcy cases and that Stretto hadn't ...

  • A New York bankruptcy judge expressed alarm Tuesday after Stretto disclosed that a data breach in the Chapter 11 of Celsius Network last month had affected creditors in additional cases, warning the claims agent he would bar it from working on cases he oversees if it fails to properly deal with the cyberattacks.

10. FTC Reaches Settlement with Crypto Platform Celsius Network

  • Jul 13, 2023 · Learn about the FTC's notable video game cases and what our agency is doing to keep the public safe. ... claiming in online videos and other ...

  • The Federal Trade Commission announced a settlement with bankrupt cryptocurrency platform Celsius Network that will permanently ban it from handling consumers’ ass

11. In Re: 22-10964-mg Celsius Network LLC | Southern District of New York

  • Jul 24, 2023 · Claims Agents · Loss Mitigation · Mediators · Professional Fees · Pro Bono ... In Re: 22-10964-mg Celsius Network LLC. Memorandum Opinion signed ...

  • Memorandum Opinion signed on 7/24/2023 Approving the Settlement Among the Debtors, the Committee, and the Initial Consenting Series B Preferred Holders. (related document(s)2899)

12. [PDF] Chapter 11 ) CELSIUS NETWORK LLC, et al.,1 ) Case No.

  • Jul 14, 2022 · misrepresentation, and fraud claims and demanding an accounting. ... pledge, assignee of rents, secured creditor, or agent for any such entity.

13. Celsius Network Ends Bankruptcy Case—Will Pay Back Customers ...

  • Nov 9, 2023 · ... Celsius's creditors with an unsecured claim of $12.7 million. Sam ... The agency said Celsius tricked customers into transferring ...

  • The failed crypto lender owes about $4.7 billion to more than 100,000 creditors.

14. Customers of Bankrupt Lender Celsius Can File Proofs of Claim by ...

  • Nov 21, 2022 · ... claim via mail, by hand or through the claims agent Stretto's website. Read more: Celsius' Crypto Customers Face Big Obstacle in Trying to ...

  • Customers of the bankrupt crypto lender have until Jan. 3, 2023, to file proofs of claim, if Celsius’ scheduling of their claims as filed are incorrect.

15. Celsius claims agent Stretto suffered phishing attack, some creditor data ...

  • Apr 28, 2024 · According to PANews, Celsius said on the X platform that it had sent a notice to the court regarding the data security incident reported by ...

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16. Celsius Network

  • Beginning on February 1, 2024, claim distributions to Eligible Creditors are being made in cryptocurrency and US dollars. Some creditors are eligible to receive ...

  • Celsius was a global cryptocurrency platform and Bitcoin mining company that emerged from Chapter 11 bankruptcy on January 31, 2024.

Celsius Claims Agent (2024)


How much will I get back from Celsius? ›

Under current plans for Celsius customers', it's predicted that customers may get up to 80% of their funds back. So while users have only received partial refunds so far, the IRS will see the potential for investors to get back more.

How much is Celsius payout? ›

Celsius Bankruptcy Ends With $3bn Payout To Creditors

Under the plan, Celsius will distribute more than $3bn of crypto and fiat currency to creditors whose assets have been tied up in the platform since its collapse in June 2022.

Where can I find my Celsius claim? ›

No matter what you had deposited (in my case it was $BTC, $AVAX, and $GUSD), you should get two separate e-mails from “no-reply@cases-cr.stretto-services.com,” one for a claim in $BTC and a second for $ETH. This applies to everyone, no matter what kind of alt/stablecoins they may have held of Celsius.

How to claim Celsius losses on taxes? ›

Taxability of Celsius Losses

Typically, you are required to dispose of your assets in order to claim any capital loss. For Celsius users, this means means that whether you can claim your Celsius gains or losses on your taxes depends on what assets you held in Celsius and whether you disposed of them.

How do I get my money from Celsius? ›

Celsius creditors can login to PayPal (click here for PayPalOpens in a new window) or Venmo (click here for Venmo using your mobile deviceOpens in a new window), enter their unique claim codes provided by Celsius , and follow the on-screen instructions to receive their distributions of Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH).

Is it too late to file Celsius claim? ›

To receive Settlement benefits, you must complete and submit a Claim Form. Claim Forms can be submitted electronically or mailed to the Class Administrator. A Claim Form must be submitted online or postmarked by February 13, 2023.

Will I get a 1099 from Celsius? ›

Celsius provides you 1099s if you earned $600 or more in a given tax year. That report will be made available to you by February 1. To download your 1099 report you must follow the next steps.

Does Celsius report to IRS? ›

Yes. In the United States, cryptocurrency — on Celsius and other platforms — is subject to income and capital gains tax. This applies to any taxable income earned prior to and after the Celsius bankruptcy. For more information, check out our complete guide to cryptocurrency taxes.

How to claim Celsius on Venmo? ›

Each email will contain a unique claim code with instructions for collection on the PayPal or Venmo platform. After logging in to your account at PayPal or Venmo, navigate to the “Crypto” section and find a section for users with a Celsius claim code. Click “Redeem Claim Code” and follow the instructions.

Why is there a class action lawsuit against Celsius? ›

It's an issue with labeling, specifically a line that says Celsius products don't contain preservatives when it, in fact, does have citric acid in the ingredients. While the company insisted that citric acid is used to boost flavor as opposed to preserve it, they did end up agreeing to a settlement.

How to get money for drinking Celsius? ›

If you bought a Celsius drink or drink mix between January 1, 2015 and November 23, 2022, you are eligible for a payout. You will need proof of purchase, such as a receipt, to be able to receive up to $250. If you don't have proof of purchase, the company will still give you $20.

What is the Celsius claim? ›

Class Members who previously purchased Celsius On-The-Go and Flo Fusion powdered drinks, which are typically sold in packages of 14, may submit a Claim to receive $5.00 per package of 14.

How do I get Celsius transactions? ›

Celsius Network CSV import
  1. Open your Celsius Network mobile app (https://celsius.network/get-the-app/)
  2. Tap on your profile icon (top right) to open your profile.
  3. Scroll down and tap the Download transaction history button.
  4. You will receive your CSV file via email.
  5. Download the CSV file and upload it here.

What is the petition date price for Celsius? ›

The first set of prices is determined by the “petition date,” or the date that Celsius filed for bankruptcy, which is July 13, 2022, while the second is the “effective date” for distributions, which is Jan. 31, 2024. The petition date price for Bitcoin is $19,881, and for Ether it is $1,088.17.

Will Celsius investors get their money back? ›

Celsius will partially repay customers whose accounts have been frozen since the company filed for bankruptcy in July 2022, according to the opinion, in addition to repaying those customers through a combination of cryptocurrency and stock in the new company.

How much did Celsius creditors get back? ›

Celsius will be shipping out more than $3 billion to its creditors as the firm's bankruptcy is officially closed. Apart from the cash, creditors will get a stake in the newly formed Ionic Digital Inc. mining operation, the company said in a statement on Wednesday.

How much can you withdraw from Celsius? ›

The standard weekly withdrawal limit for both PayPal and Venmo is $25,000. If your Celsius cryptocurrency distribution is $40,000 or more, you can submit a withdrawal limit increase request to increase your weekly withdrawal limit to $500,000.

What is the effective date for Celsius? ›

Celsius has successfully emerged from bankruptcy on January 31, 2024, concluding the company's restructuring process.

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