Chicago Fire Brought Back A Long-Lost Character, And It Could Mean Bad News For Casey (2024)

Spoilers ahead for Episode 2 of Chicago Fire Season 10 on NBC, called "Head Count."

Chicago Fire is delivering some big changes in the tenth season, with Boden moving on for his promotion, Cruz struggling with the job, Severide and Stella engaged, Brett working on a new project, and now Casey has encountered a major blast from the past whose arrival could mean trouble for him. He spent most of the episode dealing with internet fame after his rescue in the premiere went viral, only to end the hour heading to greet who he thought was just another teenage fan. Instead, it was somebody he hasn't seen in a long time: Griffin Darden.

Griffin Darden is all grown up from the last time he appeared on Chicago Fire back in Season 2, but he was an important part of Casey's life for a while. Andy Darden, who died in the series premiere, was a close friend of Casey's, and Casey got somewhat questionably close with Heather Darden after Andy's death. He ultimately took in Griffin and little brother Ben while Heather was behind bars for a DUI and vehicular manslaughter, and the whole Darden family ultimately moved away once Heather was released in Season 2.

Throw in the fact that Griffin 100% looks like he could be Casey's son if he was a little younger or Casey was a little older, and his return might have just been a fun blast from the past if not for the bombshell that Griffin dropped. When a happy Casey asked how Griffin's mom and little brother were, Griffin had to rain on his parade. Suddenly looking very serious, Griffin dropped four words that may mean a hard road ahead:

I need your help.

Well, things couldn't go too well for too long when it comes to Matt Casey! The relationship with Brett has seemingly been going well so far, but now he has something on his plate beyond focusing on his new romance. Brett also has some problems on her plate with the discovery that she'll need to work with her chief if her project to help the CFD make the most of its ambulance services is going to get off the ground, so Casey may not be able to draw on her for much help. It seems they both will have a lot going on in their own stories.

Of course, it's possible that Griffin needs the kind of help that won't take too much out of Casey, but this is Chicago Fire we're talking about. And of course Casey is going to help him! I do hope that whatever happens will allow Griffin to interact with some of the other veteran firefighters at 51. Casey may have been closer to him and his brother than any of the others, but it would still be fun to see Severide discovering Andy Darden's son all grown up. As for what's coming, a photo for next week's episode reveals one scene that Casey and Griffin will share:

Chicago Fire Brought Back A Long-Lost Character, And It Could Mean Bad News For Casey (1)

The photo doesn't really give anything away other than that Griffin and Casey will be hanging out when Casey's off-the-clock and wearing civvies, but I still say that they look related. Seriously, when I first saw Griffin, my first thought was that Fire has introducing a surprise son that Casey never knew he had. Chicago Fire is ten seasons in, after all! Shows have delivered much more bonkers twists much earlier than ten years in. Could Griffin herald in a life-changing choice for Casey coming up?


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Chicago Fire Brought Back A Long-Lost Character, And It Could Mean Bad News For Casey (2024)
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